Hope Is a Strategy (Well, Sort Of)

As I get deeper into coaching a client about her career, increasingly we centre on her values and interests, which brought us to consider ‘hope’ as a factor. What is the taste and feel of her hope? Until we understand that hope is essential to her moving forward in her stagnated career and life, we’re fiddling. Her experience of hope has taken a battering of late, causing her to flirt with hopelessness.

This morning my mission is to explore what others say and think about hope.Ms Mills-Schofield’s blog has been incredibly helpful in my quest.

I’d not ever heard that ‘hope isn’t a strategy’, so the title of this blog, particularly the ‘(well, sort of)’ caught my attention.  If hope is no more than a fanciful dream it will not serve my client well. If, on the other hand, if it is ‘based on real-world experience, knowledge and tangible and intangible data’; we can travel on a realistic and practical path. It means we have to test the source of my client’s hope as well as its direction.

I cannot imagine success without hope. And hope surely is the anchoring strand from where we are now to our vision or dream for the future. That anchor has to be firm and solid, not based on ‘illusion, delusion, fiction or false assumptions.’ Not so easy to work out on your own, sometimes, but a coach who isn’t shy about asking the kind of questions that have you thinking beyond what you’ve been telling yourself, should be able to help a floundering client rediscover hope.

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