Meet Delphine du Toit, Halifax, NS Mediator, Conflict Coach, and Workshop Facilitator

You do have a choice.I am Delphine du Toit

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

My workplace is everywhere

Over a lifetime of working and volunteering, and of formal and informal learning I have arrived at my fourth career.  What my clients get from me is blend of what I have learned, developed and adopted as my best way of being of service, extracted from 40+ years of working. 

Theories change and new tools get developed:  I constantly keep updated. 

I adjust my own view of what I will use from new developments and insights in my field. It has to fit with what I know and who I am.

I offer a summary of my learning and education background below, so that you might have a better sense of who I am, even before we start working together.  Additionally,  I use my BLOG page to share my thoughts on a wide range of topics so that you can catch a glimpse of me, the person, not just the professional behind this website.

 Please explore whether you think I'm the right fit for what you need.  Then, if you like what you read, please do contact me, no matter where in the world you are. The only barriers are time-zones and I navigate them all the time. I adjust to YOUR time zone, not the other way around.

I believe that, as humans, we can be fulfilled only through being part of a community with other humans. We are individual creatures yes, but our very nature dictates that we do best when we are connected to others. 

There is an expression for it in Zulu: Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu.  Nowadays abbreviated to 'Ubuntu'.  

"A person is a person through other persons."

This concept of mutuality is embedded in the work I do.

I am with you as your companion and guide. I respect your right and power to make your own decisions.  My role is to support; I don't take over. I'll help you work out how to change whatever you want to change.  Sometimes when I discover a blind-spot I'll offer you my insight - in coaching we talk about 'holding up the mirror to the client' - so, it would be an observation, with no judgment.  Personal change isn't easy.  I'm there to support you in creating the change you want.


  • “Delphine is amazing. Her ability to connect on a personal level, coach and guide in a way so effective it feels like you’re chatting with a close friend. Her flexible approach allowed me to open up and be super vulnerable, which she also mirrored so that I was more comfortable doing so. Speaking with her was one of the places I felt 100% safe to share exactly what I was going through and the progress I got out of doing so, while immeasurable, is one of the most valuable things I gained from this journey." - Janee Ortiz, June 2019: Participant in an 18-month leadership journey offered by Gaia-INSIGHTS
  • Crucial Conversations: Connecting for Understanding (Nov 2017):  "This was so practical!  I've attended hundreds of workshops in my life and this is the best one ever." - personal communication
  • "Thank you so much for your courage to come on this first...journey as a Guide/Mentor. For your perseverance throughout the experience and for your support and compassion in the tough moments. You helped shape something extra-ordinary...." - M.M.  2018
  • "By working with Delphine, I have re-discovered my intuition about perceiving others' feelings and perspectives, at work, at home and at school. This knowledge and confidence have improved my relationships with family, friends and colleagues." - Bill McGregor (2017) 
  • "One of my biggest pleasures this week has been getting to know you and working together. You have such a beautiful open soul filled with such wisdom and grace."  - Vicky 2018
  • “Delphine is truly a person with incredible integrity.  She has the ability to step away from issues and see the bigger picture whilst never letting the detail unravel. In the many years that I have been associated with Delphine I have trusted her judgement, sought her counsel and valued her opinion. Always a balanced approach, but never unyielding on issues on which she held strong views. Delphine also possesses a wonderful sense of humour which compliments a fantastic work ethic.” - Wayne Woodland Global Business Services, SABMiller
  • "I have known Delphine for a number of years now and apart from being a good friend she is a true organizational effectiveness expert. Delphine has high energy and the necessary knowledge and experience to see complex projects through to completion, guiding teams through the entire process, on time and within budget. I can confidently recommend Delphine to any prospective client." - Stephen Park VP Finance at Cerveceria Argentina S.A. Isenbeck
  • "Delphine has put me through an exciting and stimulating mentoring program and exposed me to new and innovating thinking. She is an engaging coach and created a forum for lively and enthusiastic discussion. I would highly recommend her expertise and service and have seen few who can consistently deliver the quality of work she does”.  Hassan Dewji, Director Human Resources, METL.
  • “INVESTMENT WORTH THE MONEY” - Juerg Fluehmann, Managing Director, Holcim Ltd: Tanga Cement Company Ltd. (Leadership Development, Strategic Planning)


Dal rampant eagle (1) MSW - Dalhousie University – Halifax, NS

RSW    - NSCSW, Canada.

Alternate Dispute  Q.Med + Practitioner’s Certificate in Alternate Dispute Resolution – UPEI

ADR Member of Atlantic Institute and ADR Institute of Canada

ACC_WEB Associate Certified Coach: International Coach Federation

Past President ,  ICF Atlantic Charter Chapter (2019)

Conflict Management Coaching  - Cinergy Model
MajinCline-Globe-300px (1) 35+ years of international and Canadian HR and business consulting experience

- private and public  sectors, including NGOs/not-for-profit organizations

So What About That Zebra in my Logo?

Zebras are to me a symbol of the work I do.

Did you know that the Plains Zebra of Southern Africa isn't just black and white?

Hidden in the white is a sandy coloured shadow stripe.  It followings the same contours as the dominant black/white stripes in such an elegant mimicry of the obvious that often new visitors to Africa don't even notice it until it is pointed out to them.

The work I do with you is represented by the zebra's shadow stripe.

Once I help you to see what's in the shadows you discover that the solutions are also there, waiting for you to find them.   I work as your tour guide on this zebra-influenced journey.

Let me help you to break out of the black and white repetitive patterns of your life that stop you from changing the things you want to change. Once you have an eye for what's in the shadows it it's amazing how you never saw it before. Awareness is the first step. After that the possibilities are everywhere.

I help you to discover the possibilities in the shadow stripes of your life.

I support you in creating your best solutions.