I'm Delphine du Toit


  • Are you in a strained relationship?

  • Sinking under the weight of unsaid words and misunderstood deeds?

  • Blowing up in anger at the drop of a hat?

  • You've been together for a long long time but things just aren't as they used to be. You don't feel heard or understood anymore.

Ongoing disagreement comes at a great cost to you and everybody around you.

How much conflict are you tolerating in your life right now?

How much pain are you carrying as a result of misunderstandings and disagreements with people who are important to you - people you don't want to hurt and who don't want to hurt you?


The ways in which we communicate; and the things we don't talk about, make up more than 80% of the sources of workplace conflict.  It affects how you feel about getting up in the morning and how you feel when you get home at night. It affects not only your ability to work and to feel good about being there, it also affects the way you are with your loved ones. Your conflict-related stress becomes their family-based stress.


Too often our elderly relatives end up in institutionalized care because the family couldn't reach agreement.

Sometimes habits of not-listening creep in because you feel you've heard it all before, or because you're frustrated at your inability to 'fix' what's bothering your loved one.


Are you carrying around unfinished business that eat away at your peace of mind?  Do you have unresolved issues that steal your sleep; giving you bad dreams?

By improving your comfort level with conflict you will make good to great decisions that will solve small and BIG problems.  
Being good at managing conflict is an excellent building block for having good relationships. 


I offer you a break-through experience which will increase your ability to deal with interpersonal conflict as well as help you in resolving the issue that brought you to me today.

  1. I assist you in generating creative solutions to the problem that caused the conflict that leads to action and results.
  2. I support the restoration and rebuilding of the wounded relationship.
  3. In working with me you strengthen your ability to take care of yourself in an assertive way that builds trust and respect.

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“We don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note. Only notes that are different can harmonize. The same is true with people.”  - Steve Goodier

When someone you loved is no longer there, the pain of their loss is a reminder of the depth of the love you had for them. Only the three sisters are left now.

This is the family I grew up in. My mother, father, two sisters, brother and me.