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A really smart woman told me yesterday about how it doesn’t make sense to spend your time blogging on sites that aren’t part of your own website – how that sends traffic FROM your website (where you say ‘click here to see my blog’) TO the hosting website where there are millions of other blogs and articles and links to browse.  She said ‘surely you want traffic to come TO your website and stay there – you want your visitors to find interesting stuff to read or interact with, not to send them away. SO THEN, go forth and start a blog on your own website and start attracting more traffic and start establishing relationships with people who like to see what you’re thinking about, doing, reading, and so on.’

The woman who’s prodded me onto this new path is Mila Milojevic, an engineering graduate and former computer programmer.  Her website is .   She spoke at a networking event organised by the Centre for Women in Business, at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  It is a great initiative with membership growing at an amazing rate.

I find it fascinating to discover the niches these women entrepreneurs have created for themselves and the courage and humility they display in talking about their decisions to become business people, their first breakthroughs and the things they’re learning along the way.

There’s a woman who bakes special event cakes. There’s a woman who runs a concierge service. There’s an astrologer, and someone who just yesterday registered her new boutique for selling high end second hand clothing on consignment.  And then there’s the woman who just landed the contract to supply Disneyworld with something.  And then I took the business card of the woman whose business is to rent out baby furniture, strollers, etc, for people travelling with babies. Who knows, my grandsons may come to visit and one is still squarely a baby!

There are bed and breakfast operators, tutorial service providers, tax and accounting experts, but no truckers, no snow clearance company directors, no plumbers or electricians.   I think there’s scope to expand the group into alternate industries and I think there’s room for WiB to speak to Women Unlimited:

Their “, 14-week program (30-hours per week) provides participants with
an opportunity to explore careers in trades and technology and to take
part in career decision-making activities. Through a combination of
hands-on workshops, field trips, industry-based activities, work/life
balance sessions and job shadowing with local employers, these women
will work together to enhance their skills and to prepare for entrance
into training or to move directly to job search and employment where
they will learn on-the-job.
(Child care and travel subsidies are available.)   Its beyond the scope of what they currently do, but I’m sure there’s the opportunity to support some of these women who have become electricians, plumbers and qualified in other trades, to set up their own businesses.   It is certainly something I’d love to work on – to coach such a woman or group of women in becoming their own bosses in a field commonly occupied by men.

The other thing is, one of these women at the networking event has just signed up for the carpentry for women course at the NSCC – THAT’s on my bucket list for sure.

This blog has been a bit of a freeform thing, but it is about things fresh on my mind.   Future blogs will also be about things on my mind and in my environment.  And sometimes I hope to be able to write about things that my readers will find useful, not just interesting or entertaining.

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