Toddler Transport for Leadership Learning

5 Leadership Outcomes offered by the Trudeau Leadership School (TLS)

By Delphine du Toit | October 23, 2015

The Trudeau Leadership School offers an innovative child-transportation method that builds leadership in the next generation, as can be seen in the featured photograph. 1. Close physical contact with Dad without being mushy or coddled. 2. Eyes forward to take it all in. 3. Build responsibility for keeping self in balance with just enough support to make…

Love and introspection shifts a world

By Delphine du Toit | May 19, 2015

Sometimes when you’re engaged in a quarrel with someone the things takes on a momentum of its own…..The person who blinked first was hurt and puzzled….it became imperative that a peace be brokered in a family that felt like it was falling apart, before it was too late.

Our own role in creating conflict – how human are you, in my eyes?

By Delphine du Toit | April 24, 2015

How do we see other people? I know so many people who say ‘I don’t like conflict…I avoid conflict….’, and yet I’ve heard them talk about other people in ways that invites particular behaviours – behaviours that reinforce their (usually negative) perception of those other people.

We create our own conflicts typically without consciously intending to, and then we’re surprised when we discover that other people have seen us in ways we don’t think are true. If I see you as a lesser being; if I see you as an object; it is much easier to feel justified in how I characterise and judge you.

The answer is in the room.

By Delphine du Toit | April 9, 2015

Who is the expert? There is sound theory on how adults prefer to learn, and there is sound theory on how individuals have their own learning styles. The true expertise lies in knowing how to facilitate a learning conversation, not in having the one definitive answer.

Use the right tool for the job

By Delphine du Toit | February 19, 2015

I am going to talk about two things that have happened this week. On the face of it they may not appear to be related, but if one moves away from the detail – the ‘what happened’ or the ‘what is’, to the abstract where you might explore themes and lessons learnt, they are very closely related.

Firstly, it is about kitty litter as a tool….

I had just come from a coaching session with a client. This is the second thing I want to talk about. We had been discussing employee engagement surveys….

Stress is the snow on the road

By Delphine du Toit | February 11, 2015

As with blizzards and clippers, stress events can be forecast if somebody knows what the precipitating patterns will be and then can explain it to the rest of us in ways that we can relate to. A typical example of a major stress event that could have been, and maybe even was, forecast, is the abject collapse of Target in Canada. Failure to pay rent? A no-brainer for those of us who are or have been tenants or landlords. A clear and distinct signal. It is said that Target misjudged the Canadian market. 17,000 people are going to lose their jobs. Why? Did no-one read the signs? Not tell them about it? Or maybe there weren’t any other options?

Let’s consider what happens when we misjudge the severity of a winter storm: people are over-confident in undertaking road trips and skid into ditches

Don’t feed the Black Dog of Depression

By Delphine du Toit | January 6, 2015

As I return home from running workshops on how to manage one’s SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the winter blues (i.e. not quite SAD, but on the brink), it strikes me that this blog may be useful to revisit.

Do you ever feel that you’re running out of time?

By Delphine du Toit | January 1, 2015

< 904 words> This question was sent to me by someone who read yesterday’s blog about new year’s resolutions and plans and prompted me to think about it. I have in fact been thinking about it over the years, but so here, at this point in time, is my take on it. It is truly relative.…


By Delphine du Toit | December 31, 2014

<865 words> It is December 31st, 2014. What are you beating yourself up for not having achieved last year? Are you going to set yourself up for failure again by setting the same ol’ goals again tomorrow? For the past month the bloggers and podcasters and seminar leaders have been churning out millions of words of…

On Friendship and Getting Ahead

By Delphine du Toit | December 24, 2014

A business guru’s best-selling book told me some time ago that I have the wrong friends. The advice was that, if you want to be a winner, you have to associate with winners. It was clear from the text that by ‘winner’ was meant someone who had a track record of being a success in their chosen field, and by implication, someone who had/is making money and establishing a name for themselves. Winners are people who are leaders, innovators, visionaries, and above all, who are financially secure beyond most folks’ wildest dreams…..I have come to disagree totally with the notion that you need to cultivate friends who can help you get ahead. Those aren’t friends: they’re tour guides, agents, mentors, coaches, and even well wishers, but they move on. Friends are the ones who know what makes your heart ache and what music makes you leap up from your chair.