Facilitation of Workshops

Workshop and Meeting Facilitation

I have a strong background in workplace facilitation, particularly in labour relations, change management, cultural diversity, strategic and operational planning, and problem solving, in addition to my conflict management skills.

As your facilitator I make it possible for everyone to have a voice and to ensure that there is common understanding and purpose to the discussions and decision-making.  I take care of the logistics if you need me to, and ensure that there is an ongoing record of key issues and decisions, with clarity on accountability, performance standard and milestones.

Facilitation of learning, training, educational experiences

Theory comes alive through practical experience.

My training methodology is effective because it is linked to the learner’s own experience and worldview, and contains an action learning component, which serves to take the learning out of the classroom into the workplace.  It includes learning goals which are directly job-related and can be used to measure the ROI of the course within months of completion.  One on one coaching or mentoring is provided in the more complex courses.

Please do contact me for more information, including prices, and dates.

Please click on the + sign to view the complete list of my existing courses: Some of them may already be suitable to your requirements. I have used them in many workplaces with hundreds of participants who have gone back to their workplaces and done great things with their new knowledge and confidence.  These courses are generic, developed by me, and based in established best practices, supported by sound research. I would customize the material, under your guidance, to ensure that it is relevant to your organizational culture and industry.

To download a full PDF of my courses please click here.

I carefully customize the course(s) you select from this list to make sure to reflect the values and priorities of your organization, and to extract lessons from the practical experiences of the participants.

Instructional design  If you didn’t find what you’re  looking for here,  please do consider asking me to submit a proposal to develop material specific to your requirements.

Community Contribution

I regularly contribute my time and passion to community learning events.  One of my favourite places to work is The Old School Community Gathering Place, Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. Here’s a sample of such work.