Introduction to Basic Problem-Solving Tools

Introduction to Basic Problem-Solving Tools

2 day (12 hour) classroom based facilitated participative course.

Target audience: Open to anyone seeking new ways of solving problems, or learning the right way of using the old standbys. The course is customised according to the requirements of the client organisation’s culture regarding problem analysis, planning and management.

Tools include:

Backward focus: (description and analysis of a problem) 4 Dimensions; 5 why’s; SWOT; Drill down; SUG; Brainstorming
Forward focus: (planning) Estimating time accurately; Action plan; Accountability matrix; 12 step planning tool; SMART goals; Communications plan; Communal Insight Brainstorming
Forward focus: (strength based): Strength assessments and what to do with them; strength-based team development; Appreciative Inquiry; SOAR (The Appreciative Inquiry-based SWOT analysis); Dialog circles.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Know the difference between a backward focussing tool and a future-directed tool
  • Having experimented with a range of tools, selected a few that suit personal style and nature of work


Other topics:

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