Front-Line Leadership Development

Front-Line Leadership Development

5 days (35 hours) classroom-based facilitated participative course, with optional action learning component which includes private coaching over a further 3 month period while students complete a job-related action learning assignment.
This course is customized to the client’s culture, values, mission and strategy. Learning is based on participants’ own real-time work-based goals.

The action learning component is focused on the achievement of a pre-approved work-based goal.  A final performance assessment includes a self-assessment and structured feedback from the instructor and the delegate’s own immediate manager.

Target Audience: Newly appointed front-line managers or supervisors.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain to staff the strategic issues and goals of the organisation as it affects their goals and performance
  • Maintain a customer-centred approach
  • Perform the competencies of leading, planning, organizing and controlling in daily work.
  • Demonstrate appropriate situational leadership in a range of settings including resolving conflicts
  • Effectively use communication techniques in a range of situations, including giving and receiving feedback
  • Use a range of managerial tools in analyzsing and resolving problems, setting SMART goals, planning and organizing resources
  • Use standard setting to facilitate delivery of quality and results
  • Create a positive and motivating work environment
  • Delegate work effectively
  • Utilize a broader knowledge of the functions and interdependence between units and departments
  • Apply appropriate controls within the scope of the job
  • Respond appropriately to conflict
  • Demonstrate an increase in confidence and assertiveness.


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