Coaching Services

You do have a choice.

Corporate Coaching

The coaching process is essentially a conversation between us.

The agenda is yours: we focus on the goals you intend to achieve through coaching. 

Are you in one of these situations?

  • You have been promoted to a new position in which you are required to manage a team of people who were previously your peers.
  • You have been promoted to an executive/senior management role and you have some tough decisions to make: a lot hinges on what you do next.
  • You are in a senior role where you bring great value to the organization but things are shifting and you feel you’re being pushed in a direction you don’t want to go in: You’re wondering what your options are.
  • The organization where you work is undergoing major changes that you are expected to influence and implement. You want to be sure that you’re contributing your best and that you’re effective in managing the change (before/during/after).
  • You have been in your role for some time. You like the workplace and the organization. You don’t want to leave, but advancement opportunities don’t exist within. You have the opportunity to initiate a new and innovative project, but it must be conceived and implemented well. It will put the fun back in your job and the organization will be the better for it.
  • Your employer has implemented a hybrid workplace and as the manager of a hybrid team you are struggling to come to terms with the new dynamic.

Coaching uses a range of communication techniques that are researched and tested and refined. A skilled coach intuitively uses the right process to help you overcome your hesitations and ‘yes buts’. 

I help you reclaim or build your self-confidence and your sense of purpose.

Your coach is a great resource in helping you think through difficult problems or converting a dream into an achievable goal.

Coaching is hard work and fun.   I love working as a coach because I love seeing my clients change in ways that they hadn’t thought were possible.

I help you to clarify your thoughts, explore and evaluate your options, and then support you in taking action.

I do not second-guess or judge you. When you hesitate I help you work out what is standing in your way.  I then guide you in moving forward.

Confidentiality is paramount.  I maintain the strictest confidentiality in accordance with the Code of Ethics of my professional associations. 

My commitment to confidentiality is in writing, in the Agreement we sign when we start working together.

“My approach is based on the belief that you are the master of your own life and destiny and mine is to support you as you navigate the rough patches of your journey.”

Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a process which serves to build your confidence and competence in managing interpersonal and other conflicts.

It is a highly specialized area of coaching work which is often offered in conjunction with executive, career, and leadership coaching.  It is a voluntary process.

Because the decision to request conflict coaching is often triggered by a specific event, the process is focused and relatively short.

Are you in one or more of these situations?

  • There is ongoing conflict or interpersonal tension and you need change that.
  • You’re anticipating a difficult conversation, for example a performance review or a disciplinary interview.  You need to prepare because there probably will be an emotional response that you want to respect and respond to in a way that won’t damage the relationship.
  • You are involved in conflict that you feel should be mediated, but the other person is unwilling to participate in mediation, and so you need to find some inner resolution so you can move on.
  • You’re being bullied and you want to find an assertive way of stopping it.
  • You’ve been accused of being a bully and you want to understand it better and to change how you respond.
  • You’re heading for a formal conflict resolution process, e.g. arbitration, restorative justice, or mediation and want to be prepared.
  • You want to overcome your personal tendency to avoid conflict, which  has resulted in months or years of negative self-talk, or which occasionally results in an emotional outburst when ‘things get out hand.’
  • You want to work out how to transform a toxic workplace culture into one of respect, trust, and appreciation.

Coaching is offered in person,telephonically or via a mutually agreed social media platform. 

A telephone coaching session is of great value when facing an urgent or volatile situation.

Coaching Packages


Pro-active employers are offered a retainer arrangement whereby any of their designated staff may schedule a conflict coaching call without worrying about payment and contracts.  The advantage is that the coach is available at short notice and is already familiar with the corporate culture and values.

Corporate packages (organizations employing more than 100 full-time, part-time, temporary and/or casual employees) include 3, 6 and 12 month options, with added features (e.g. leadership coaching/in-house training/lunch & learn).


Discounted coaching packages are available for community and not-for-profit groups, and employers with less than 30 employees.


I offer my private clients a package or per-session fee structure based on the terms of the work we agree to do together, based on affordability.