Yes, Context is Very Important

By Delphine du Toit | April 21, 2023

Difficult conversations are those conversations that can be emotionally charged and can result in conflict or discomfort. In such conversations, context plays a crucial role in providing meaning to what is being said. In fact, context is often what makes these conversations difficult in the first place. Without the proper context, it can be easy…

Stepping out of the black hole of conflict

By Delphine du Toit | April 20, 2023

What is Mothers’ Day to me?

By Delphine du Toit | May 8, 2022

I never aspired to be a mother. To me what was normal was this: Girls grow up, they start dating, they meet a guy, they fall in love, they get married, they have babies. My life started before The Pill and abortions were unheard of (except for the life-threatening back-street kind). It was way before…

When your coaching client gives back in spades

By Delphine du Toit | January 20, 2019

<704 words> We’re 17 days into the new year and I’ve had more things go wrong in this short time than I care to speak about, in case I fall into the trap of thinking like a victim. I travelled into the city the other day to meet a client: She’s in a senior leadership…

Networking and Business Cards

By Delphine du Toit | October 2, 2018

<1073 words> MUST DO NETWORKING When you start out as an entrepreneur and you get caught up in all the ‘must do’ things like blogging, creating a list, networking, writing a book…it may be daunting; it may be exciting.  Whichever way it is/was for you, it’s pretty likely that you attended more than one networking…


By Delphine du Toit | July 17, 2018

<658 words> I have a sideways pear tree in my backyard. It fell over some years ago before I moved here, so I don’t know what happened. But, by the time I moved in, it had developed a very different stance from what one normally expects of a pear tree. The main trunk, about 20 feet…

Being a mother-in-law is no joke

By Delphine du Toit | November 23, 2017

“Mother-in-law” – The most maligned role in our society. Does any little girl ever dream of becoming a mother-in-law? When you were pregnant with your baby (who is now your adult offspring who is married), were you eagerly anticipating becoming a mother-in-law? If you answered ‘Yes’ to either of these questions I’d love to know how…

Alyce doesn’t live here anymore

By Delphine du Toit | May 7, 2017

<1340 words> Alyce fell in her basement a couple of months ago. She banged the back of her head quite hard but came away without any major injuries.  There were some long-term effects though.  Alyce, who has been living alone on her farm since her husband died about fifteen years ago, had become nervous about staying…


By Delphine du Toit | January 25, 2017

<1211 words> Ambition Many years ago, when I was working with my first ever coaching client, I saw in real life the power of sensible vs. audacious goal setting.   The client was the plant manager in a manufacturing concern, part of a global conglomerate.  He was thrilled at his recent promotion – a skilled and experienced…

When Faltering Happens

By Delphine du Toit | December 18, 2016

  <1312 words> Faltering can happen any time, no matter how well prepared you are and how experienced and skilled and everything. No doubt faltering has many causes but to my mind, when emotions simply will not remain in the back row of a command performance, the prospects of faltering happening significantly increases. “I was struck with…