Don’t feed the Black Dog of Depression

By Delphine du Toit | January 6, 2015

As I return home from running workshops on how to manage one’s SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and the winter blues (i.e. not quite SAD, but on the brink), it strikes me that this blog may be useful to revisit. I'd appreciate you sharing this post with your networks.FacebookGoogleTwitterLinkedinEmail

Do you ever feel that you’re running out of time?

By Delphine du Toit | January 1, 2015

< 904 words> This question was sent to me by someone who read yesterday’s blog about new year’s resolutions and plans and prompted me to think about it. I have in fact been thinking about it over the years, but so here, at this point in time, is my take on it. It is truly relative.…