In my flow? In my flow!

By Delphine du Toit | January 20, 2014

This blog started in
my head as I was watching an interview with Peter Sellers on YouTube, having lunch.
“The only time that you’re really happy is at the time that you’re doing it. Not when the film comes out; not when you’re preparing for the film; but at the moment you’re doing the take on the
floor. When you do it and that moment comes out of you and when you’ve done it and you remember that….that’s the time when the achievement – the full sense of achievement comes out.”

Peter Sellers in a 1974 interview with Parkinson.

 vividly remember the first time I realised that I was ‘in my flow’ as positive psychologist Csikszentmihalyi
labelled this experience a couple of decades after Sellers identified it. I had received an ambitious commission from my former employer, SABMiller, to design
and write a course on supervisory/managerial skills that they wanted to roll out to all their breweries across Africa.

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