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Strength-based Strategic Performance Management

2 day (12 hour) classroom based facilitated participative course.

Target audience: Front-line leaders and others who manage teams or groups

Learning Outcomes:

  • Utilise a strength-based approach to strategic and operational planning
  • Communicate commonality of organisational purpose, mission, goals, values for direct relevance to employees
  • Engage in a participative process to define competencies and resources required for achievement of strategic and operational goals
  • Build a culture of co-operation and collaboration from goal setting through performance reviews
  • Develop an authentic positive vocabulary and ability to reframe from negative to positive
  • Utilise team/group goal setting as a teambuilding and engagement process
  • Utilise performance reviews in a team/group as a teambuilding and engagement process


Other topics:

To download a full PDF of my courses please click here.

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