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Hire Delphine du Toit, Mediator, Coach, and Facilitator in Halifax., NS

You do have a choice.Coaching. Mediation. Facilitation.

I offer my service in three core areas: mediation, coaching and facilitation. Each makes a contribution to my quest to help my clients build strong and lasting relationships and corporate cultures in order to:



  • Prevent the escalation of conflict through early detection and intervention;
  • Resolve conflicts in a way that strengthens the organisation and the relationships affected by such conflict;
  • Build conflict competence with individuals and within organisations; and
  • Evolve systemic and systematic transformation of workplace culture into an atmosphere that supports fairness, respect, integrity and trust.

My approach is influenced by the strength-based leadership literature of authors like Marcus Buckingham, the positive psychology research of scientists like Dr. Marty Seligman of Penn. State University and the research into culture by the Hofstede father and son team and others. I am also influenced by the work of philosophers, zoologists and anthropologists in my quest to find common ground among people.

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Mediation in Halifax, NS with Delphine du Toit, certified Mediator
Coaching in Halifax, NS with Delphine du Toit, certified professional Coach
Group and Team Facilitation in Halifax, NS with Delphine du Toit

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