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Performance Appraisal and Feedback that Deliver Results and Strengthen Relationships

2 day (12 hour) classroom based facilitated participative course.

Target audience: open. Course is customised according to the selected audience. If the participants are non-supervisory staff the focus is on understanding and basic skills, including active listening and clarifying questioning. If the participants are supervisory/managerial staff, the focus is on maintenance of self-esteem, preparedness for difficult conversations, gaining commitment for future action/changes through empathy and assertiveness.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Consciousness of need to maintain or improve the employee’s self-esteem
  • Focus on specific behaviours and outcomes
  • Active, non-judgemental listening to show interest & to enhance own understanding
  • Show appreciation for contribution & participation
  • Preparedness for difficult conversations
  • Appropriate empathic & assertive language use
  • Empowering process to gain commitment to future action/changes


Other topics:

To download a full PDF of my courses please click here.

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