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 Matters That Matter To the Health and Well-Being of Seniors

Sept 14   – Dec 7, 2017

 We are offering a series of 8 workshops where we explore, discuss and apply practices that promote health and well-being for seniors.  Our aim is to provide useful information, skills and support that increase our capacity and capability to live a healthy and engaged life.

Designed for

Seniors and for those who support seniors and are interested in issues related to seniors.

Brought to you

by  The Old School Community Gathering Place Musquodoboit Harbor, Nova Scotia

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 The 4 Pillars of Health and Well Being

  1. Physical/Body: exercise, nutrition, sleep, financial responsibility
  2. Mind: knowing ourselves & our self-worth, being proactive, commitment to life-long learning, focusing on our thoughts, defining our priorities, expressing our creativity
  3. Heart: connecting with others, establishing relationships, caring for self and others, respecting our emotions, valuing our friends
  4. Spirit/Soul: Passion and purpose, knowing and living our values, exercising gratitude, following our conscience, honoring ourselves and others and our values and contributions


The format encourages dialogue, questioning, participation and meaningful conversation on the topics presented by the facilitators of the sessions.  The design of the workshops is interactive and provides space for reflection on, and application of the ideas, practices and issues discussed.

Program – these are the workshops still to come


Thursday December 7th

Morning 10:00 – 12:00 Talking About Spirit/Soul: Exploring Who We Really Are        Jeannine Saulnier

Afternoon 1:00 – 3:00    Connections: Our 4 Pawed Friends                                              Dr. Ardra Cole


If you register for both workshops on a given day there will be a free lunch waiting for you at noon.

Coffee, tea and water on hand throughout the day.


Space is limited and we also have to plan the catering.  Registration in advance is therefore strongly recommended.  Please register by phoning The Old School at 902-889-2735

For a more detailed description of the workshop contents and the presenters, please visit our Facebook page  


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