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We all have conflicts in our lives – big and small – at various times.

It is normal.  

Maybe ‘conflict’ is too strong a word for you.

Maybe you think of them as only minor disagreements and not worth the bother. If you find that you keep fretting about some of those conversations and thinking things like ‘if only I’d said…’ then you could be tolerating unresolved conflict that adds to the stress in your life.

When the stress of anticipated or unresolved conflict increases and doesn’t go away so easily anymore, it contributes to all of the other stressors in our lives. Our risk of health problems increase with it.

Completing this assessment now might be a valuable step for you towards clearing away (or dealing with) the various stresses — known and unknown — that might be making life more challenging than it needs to be or, perhaps even, damaging your health.

My undertaking to you right here is that your personal information and contact details WILL NOT BE USED for any purpose other than to verify that your responses didn’t come from a robot or spammer.

There are self-help tools included with the assessment that you are welcome to use, or you could take advantage of my offer of a FREE 45 MINUTE SESSION in which I will assist you in interpreting the assessment findings and planning how you could use your new insights to STEP OUT OF THE STRESS OF CONFLICT and BUILD YOUR RESILIENCE.

For a limited time only, you will speak to me personally – it is not a pre-designed automated response and it is not a video – it’s the real thing. We’ll TALK.  At a time that’s mutually convenient for you and me.


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